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Target post-production funding: $37,500

Progress to the goal: $17,000

(as of Feb 2023)

My name is Byron Pace. I am the film-maker behind the film Paid in Blood, one of the most compelling and inspiring stories I have had the privilege of telling. I started work on this in 2019, following an incredible relocation effort transporting elephants from Namibia where they were overpopulated, to the Democratic Republic of Congo – a place where historically elephant numbers had been decimated through years of war and poaching.


The film which came out of this was however far more than just about elephants. As I got to know the characters behind the story, I began to see the complex nature of conservation on the ground. This web of love and death. The reality so often is that great sacrifices are made by both people and wildlife in the effort to create a better future for all, and that is what this film is about. This is the world of conservation like you have never seen it portrayed, highlighting some of the unsung heroes of our time.


Over two years I finished filming in the field, but to this point it has been entirely self-funded, supported on the ground by the Oelfse family and the team who pulled together the original elephant relocation to Congo – and for that I am immensely grateful. But now, in post-production, I need help to bring this film to the world. It’s a production that deserves to have scored music, be expertly coloured and sound mastered, but to do that, I need to raise a minimum of $30,000. If you think you can help or know someone or a company who can, my contact details will shortly follow. Thank you. I cannot wait to share this with you all.

The intended output is a feature-length documentary of an hour or more in length. I have been working on phase one of the initial edit which is sitting at 45mins and progressing. Completion target, early 2023.


Funding costs will be used as follows:

  • $20,000 in the creation of an original score throughout the film

  • $5000 in sound design

  • $5000 for colouring of footage

This is the minimum I need to complete the project with a total of $30,000. However, if I was to raise more funds this is how it would be used:

  • $2500 graphic design within the film including launch poster, name straps and title

  • $5000 for a second editor to help refine my initial edit and enhance the storytelling flow.

Support options:

  • Any and all support is welcome. Everyone who supports the film will be named on this page (unless an anonymous donation is requested.

  • A minimum of $20 will get a ticket to the digital premiere

  • For $150 dollars you will get an early viewing, 3 weeks before any public release

  • For $1000 you will be named as a supporter in the credits

  • For $5000 or more you will be a title, presenting partner in the film in the opening credits, and receive a signed premiere poster.

If you would rather donate in another form, and not use the link below, please get in touch here

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