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After three years of work, the documentary Paid In Blood is complete. The story, which follows an ambitious relocation of elephants from drought-stricken Namibia to the Democratic Republic of Congo, aims to show the world of conservation in a way that has never been portrayed: raw, gritty, and honest. Through this journey, we discover the incredible life, history and work of Annette Oelofse and her family as they fight to save the wildlife in their reserve.

This has been a passion project from the start, mostly self-funded, with some generous help from the Oelofse family, John Sheilds and Luke Oppenheimer, along with a dozen other people, in covering some of the cost of post-production. Despite this, we still fell short of the target. However, I got to the end, in a way so many indie filmmakers do, funding the important films through paid work on other projects.

Paid In Blood will be doing the film festival circuit in 2024, but there is a last chance to help with the final post-production push and get access to early screenings. 

With a post-production donation of £5, you will be notified of up-coming screenings and get early access to any public release. 

The link above and below will work with a credit card, no PayPal is needed, just select the correct option.

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